Swale Youth Development Fund

Question:  Who can apply for a grant?

Answer: Anyone, up to and including the age of 21, who is resident in the Borough of Swale with talent and the will to succeed whether they’re able bodied, have physical disabilities or a mental impairment. However, applications can only be accepted when the Secretary receives and acknowledges receipt of any application and this must be whilst an applicant is aged 21 and under.

Question:  What activities qualify for assistance?

Answer:  Almost any….Music, Sport, Drama, Dance, Educational Travel etc.

Question: Can I apply for funding towards education costs?

Answer:  No. Regrettably the Fund is not able to fund full-time or further education costs.

Question:  If my application is successful what will I receive?

Answer:  That will depend on what you need the money for. The average amount in recent years has been between £50 and £750, but in special cases a Bursary up to £2,000 could be awarded.

Question:  Do I ever have to repay the grant?

Answer: No, though there may be occasions where the Fund set conditions around the grant.

Question:  Can I apply more than once?

Answer:  Yes. However, whilst repeat applications are welcome, under the Fund’s criteria normally only one per year can be considered. You will need to provide proof of improvement. The Fund will also look more favourably on your application if you have made an effort to seek additional support elsewhere.

Question:  How do I apply?

Answer:  By completing an application form. Instructions on how to obtain or download an application form can be found by clicking Apply here or on the menu bar.
If you are under 13 years of age you will need the signature of a parent or guardian.