Swale Youth Development Fund


Executive Committee

Vice President – Alan Bernstein MBE
Vice President – Carole Nealey
Chair – Sarah Drury
Vice Chair – Carole Nealey
Vice Chair – Sarah Cladingboel
Secretary – Rosemary Madgwick
Treasurer – Sam Ithell
Publicity Officer – Murray Evans
Grant Processing Officer – Sarah Cladingboel
Minutes Secretary – Teresa Turpin
Board Member – Christine Brown

Other Trustees are:
Stephen Brown (Patron), John Knight, Pamela Prescott, Jan West and Sally Wilson.

Honorary Auditor Peter Taylor
Graphics/Website Adviser Nigel Revell
Legal Advisor Sarah Cladingboel

The Trustees of the Fund meet four times a year to consider applications.  The Annual General Meeting is held in July prior to a normal meeting.

To ensure the best use of the Fund’s resources one of our Trustees may contact you or someone you’ve mentioned in your application to clarify a few points. This is to help us establish your financial requirements.

In order to get your application processed please ensure you send it to the Secretary before the dates below:

1st January   •   1st April   •   1st July   •   1st October

Repeat applications for funding are welcome, normally on an annual basis and each application is judged on its own merit.  All information provided is in strict confidence.

Money Matters

The Fund has a modest investment income but relies heavily on donations from local organisations and individuals. It also arranges fund raising events from time to time, which have been very popular and well supported.

The Fund enjoys the support of Civic Leaders, Swale Borough Council, local businesses, local organisations and many private individuals.

The Fund’s operating expenses are very modest and no payments are made for the services of any Trustee of the fund or its advisers.

Gift Aid

A tax efficient method of giving!

If you are a tax payer, completing a Gift Aid Declaration when you make a donation means that the Fund is able to claim a refund of Income Tax against the donated sum.

This increases the value of your donation by  25%.

Gift Aid Declaration form.